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Queer Magazine Online blog post: An Interview with Rowan Speedwell –

March 26, 2011    12:00PM — 05:00PM CST



Meet J. P. Barnaby – the author of the Little Boy Lost series when she takes over the Dreamspinner Facebook page.

Enlightened is the first book in your Little Boy Lost series. It’s a coming of age story of two young men who face the challenges of realizing their sexuality and the fears of coming out. The two protagonists are under the age of eighteen and you have written graphic sex scenes into the story. What do you think readers should know before reading Enlightened?

I think people should understand that I try to write my characters as realistically as possible. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to have sex before they turn 18, especially in a very small town with little else to keep them occupied.  The scenes are detailed, but the context is sweet and emotional. The impact their physical relationship has on their lives is important. In fact, I was unable to submit to several publishing houses because of their ages. It was suggested that I make them a year older, but I decided to protect the story.

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As we near the release date for Little Boy Lost: Enlightened, I have a few exciting things to share with you. 

Coming soon from Dreamspinner Press
The book and the trailer have been loaded onto Dreamspinner’s site under the “Coming Soon” section [].  It will be available for purchase as an eBook and a paperback from the site on March 14th.

Virtual Book Signing
I have a virtual book signing scheduled for each release which means that the first twenty books sold will be signed by me using an inserted vellum sheet.

Release partyI will be hosting a release party on March 14th at the Dreamspinner blog, so please stop by and say hi.  Visitors will get an exclusive downloadable gift, I will be interviewed by a couple of guys that you know and love, and I will also be giving out a copy of the book.

Fiction VixenOn March 17th (which happens to be my birthday), I will be hanging out with Fiction Vixen for an interview and giveaway on her blog –  Stop by, say hi, and enter to win a copy of Enlightened!

Want to know more about J. P. Barnaby? Michele & Jeff Reviews has posted an interview with me – 

How much of yourself and the people you know manifest into your characters? How do you approach development of your characters? Where do you draw the line?

I do tend to put pieces of myself into my characters where appropriate. Master Ethan from The Forbidden Room series id based heavily on my own mannerisms, fears, and quirks. In developing my characters, I use Microsoft OneNote 2010 and attach images that I think represent them so that I can better describe their physical characteristics. I have also taken different personality questionnaires that I have found and used them to answer questions about how a character will react in certain situations based on their perceived personality traits.

As I’ve mentioned, realistic, three dimensional characters are essential to driving a story and leaving an impression with the reader long after they’ve finished the novel.

With regards to drawing a line – I have not yet found that I have that distinction.

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